Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Pregnancy Review Part 1

So I am six months into my pregnancy and I am having regrets about not starting my blog from day one.  I figure while everything is fresh in my mind however, that I would write a summary of what each month has been like so far.

Month One:  The first month of pregnancy is a breeze!  You don't even know you are pregnant and experience none of the side effects.  For me, this would be the month of July, 2010.  Under the guidance of my new coach Magdelana Lewy-Boulet, I my running was finally taking a turn for the better.  I competed in the 7 mile national championship in Iowa (called the Bix 7) where I placed 7th.  I also started venturing into some real workouts that I hadn't even thought about doing since the birth of my son the spring before (trying to be a professional runner without a coach is virtually impossible!).  

Training Week of July 4-10th

SUN- 90 mins with Jeff @ 6:50 pace.  Felt great, ran in Healdsburg from Rio Lago (my parents        Vineyard) down Chalk Hill Road 45ish mins and back.  VERY HOT! 13 miles

MON- 50 mins @ 7 min pace with Jeff and Ramsey in the Jogger from home.  Jeff pushed way out, then I turned back sooner than him, so I pushed for 25 mins on way back.  7 miles

TUE- WORK OUT!  2 mile warm-up and cool-down.  6 x 1 mile on trails (uphill on three, downhill on three) 1 min recovery btw miles.  4x30 seconds fast following mile repeats.
Mile 1 (downhill)- 5:34
Mile 2 (uphill)- 5:57
Mile 3 (downhill)- 5:27
Mile 4 (uphill)- 5:50
Mile 5 (downhill)- 5:26
Mile 6 (uphill)- 5:50
Short recovery was killer, but the workout felt great! 10 Miles STRENGTH- TRX and light lifting

WED- 60 mins with Jake Schmitt (another BATC member) @6:50 pace on bike path/trail in Marin (Madrone Canyon) 8.5 miles

THUR-  8 miles on the treadmill (I have a woodway!) @ 8.0-8.5 mph and Drills (Ramsey slept next to the treadmill in his car seat, thanks Rambo!) 8 miles

FRI- 8 miles on tread again while Ramsey slept @ 8.0-8.5 mph.  8 miles

SAT- 4 mile warm up and cool down 4x200 with 200 rec, 2x400 with 400 rec, 4x200 with 200 rec
200 #1- 33     400 #1- 70    200 #5- 35
200 #2- 36     400 #2- 71    200 #6- 35
200 #3- 33                          200 #7- 35
200 #4- 34                          200 #8- 35
200's not supposed to be too fast, just some turn over during a run.  Completed W.O. @ Drake H.S. in San Anselmo.  10 miles total 

WEEK Total: 66.5 miles

Ramsey and I in the Airport on the Way to Bix 7 mile national road race champs at the end of July


Month Two:  Found out I was pregnant!  Found out due to poor performance at Beach to Beacon 10k in Portland, Maine.  (Was over two mins off what I planned on running!)  My heart rate just elevated like crazy.  Also started feeling a little fatigued.  I noticed in my training log that I made a comment that I slept 12 hours a few days before the race!  That is crazy and not like me at all!  (Similar things happened to me around the time I found out I was pregnant with Ramsey).  Aside from the elevated heart rate, most of month two was pretty easy breezy.  It wasn't till the end of this month (August), that I began to feel a little queasy off and on throughout the day.  I also began to become ravishingly hungry at random times for salty/ fatty foods, and anything with chemicals, artificial ingredients, and too processed literally made me want to puke.  Some of my favorite things like frozen yogurt, puffins (the cereal), salads, trident gum all taste inedible!!  Here is a sample training week from August: 

Training Week of August 22-28th

SUN- 75 mins total @ 6:55 pace on trail called Crown Road (flat fire road, 3mile long, did out back + almost all the way out and back again).  Super Hot!! (Not good for being preggers, oh well!) 11.5 miles

MON- 50 mins @ 6:50 pace in San Francisco (Crissy Feild) (part way with buddy Keith).  Again, very hot!!!  felt great. 7+ miles

TUE- WORK OUT!  25 min (3+miles) warm up with Magda and Jake.  Super Hot!!! Workout is 16x400 with 30 sec recovery Worked out at Cal Berkeley's  Edwards Stadium
200 #1-83      200 #5-82      200 #9-81      200 #13- 83
200 #2-82      200 #6-82      200 #10-81    200 #14- 83
200 #3-82      200 #7- 81      200 #11-82   200 #15-83
200 #4-83      200 #8-82      200 #12-80     200 #16-80
6 x strides at the end with a 1 mile cool down (too hot for more!!) Madga brought me ice to hold in my hands to keep core temp down :-) STRENGTH- TRX+ Light lifting 9 Miles

WED- Ran 52 mins @6:50 pace in San Francisco (Crissy Field) with buddy Keith (super fast guy from Asics Aggies) 8 miles 

THUR- am- pushed jogger on Crown road 6 miles
              pm- 2 miles on treadmill      8 miles

FRI- WORKOUT  3 miles to the track, 3 miles of jogging curves, fast strides the straights, 3 miles back home (worked out on Edwards track on the Cal Campus, near Mom's House) 64 mins total 9 miles

SAT- 6 miles on the treadmill 7.7-8.0 mph (Jeff was on bike trainer and Rams was sleeping :-)) Starting to feel really sick today!!!! 6 miles

WEEK TOTAL: 58 miles

Starting to look pregnant already!!  Man, you really start to show early the second time around!  

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  1. Thanks for writing this! I know I'm discovering this late, but this is so interesting. I'm five months pregnant and also found out I was pregnant after noticing how slow I was for no reason. I also used to love minty gum, but even just the smell of it makes me so sick now.