Sunday, January 16, 2011


I just ran in the first ever Bay Area Cross-Country race and it was awesome!  The field the BATC put together was amazing.  Molly Huddle took the win with a close following of Renee Mativier and then Magda Boulet.  Granted that I am 6 + months preggers, I had a blast!  I am definitely showing big time compared to Ramsey, some people even thought that I was more like 8 months, but I am still running strong and felt great.  I am at around 55 miles a week still, so a 6k through beautiful Golden Gate Park felt like no problem.

I ran the race at around 6:15 per mile pace, so I was plenty conservative (I have to keep the baby's health in mind of course) but the rush of being in a race with fast runners again was motivating to keep on top of my running and get back into shape asap as soon as the baby comes.

The event in general was so well put together.  There was a DJ and Josh Muxen (Elite Athlete coordinator for the Bay to Breakers and many other large running events) did the announcing.  Because it was a 2k loop, we got to run by spectators multiple times.   Josh did a great job hyping up the crowd calling me Clara "the Belly" Peterson every time I ran by, it was hilarious!  It was nice to get a little attention in the running world right when I am really starting to get so huge!

Overall it was a great day today in Golden Gate Park (aside from the chilly weather) and I am glad that I am still running strong at 6 and a 1/2 months into baby number two!!!

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