Friday, February 11, 2011

My Pregnancy Review Part 3

Month 5- This month was easy.  I wasn't huge yet and just starting to feel the effects of the extra blood production.  By the end of the month, I was starting to feel a bit of the physical weight that was beginning to build around my belly, and people were definitely starting to notice and were not afraid to ask how far along I was, but for the most part this month was great!  As far as workouts went, my mileage was still up at 55-60 miles a week but with only one solid workout a week instead of two.  Additionally the workouts kind of started all turning into effort based on/offs on the trail rather than timed track workouts.  I started doing it this way for a few reasons, one, I started having some planter pain in my right foot, so racing flats and running in circles we decided wasn't the best idea.  Two, this is a month where I could feel myself start to slow down a little, and mentally its tough to watch your interval times start to plunge.

  By doing effort based stuff on the trails, I not only got to run with Magda (because the hard efforts were easy enough for her her that she just considered it part of her run, plus she was taking a recovery month after Chicago) but I could still feel great about myself for keeping up workouts despite the baby getting bigger.  I also ran a Turkey Trot this month, which was a blast!  It was a 5 mile XC race (that Magda did also for fun and for the Turkey, Pie and Wine you get when you win!).  I ran the race in 30:40 which means I was running a little slower than 6 min pace.  I was happy with this effort, especially because it was hilly and muddy.  :-)

This was also the month that Jeff and I found out that it is going to be a girl too!  This was very exciting because naturally it is exciting to know that we are going to have the experience of having one of each gender.

Week of November 7th- 13th

SUN- 10.5 miles in Healdsburg (at my Parent's Vineyard) with Jeff and his triathlon buddies (Scott, Curt and Seth) we held a nice 7 min pace the entire way and I felt pretty good :-)  10 miles total

MON- 2 miles easy pushing the Jogger Stroller with Ramsey  (After finding out its a Girl!!!) I needed some recovery after all the pavement pounding the day before) 2 miles total

TUE- 78 mins with Magda on trials (Skyline) with 36 mins of 1 min on and 1 min off.  Felt super!  Day off was worth it. 10 miles total

WED- 8 miles on the treadmill while Ramsey napped.  (Quad kinda tight, but felt better after a few miles).  7.8-8.0 mph  8 miles total

THUR- Ran with local speedster, YiOu at a very fast pace (6:45ish) for 45 mins from my house to all of the bike paths in Marin.  Good enough to call it 7 miles.  7 miles total

FRI- Ran again with Magda.  Exact same workout as Tuesday @ Skyline. 78 mins total with 36 mins of 1 min on, 1 min off.  Felt great!  10 miles total

SAT- Out back on Crown road + 12 extra minutes.  Ran into Jake Schmitt (BATC member/ super cool friend who also is coached by Magda).  52 minutes total @ 6:45-7 min pace) Felt pretty good.  8ish miles total

Total mies for the week: 55 miles with one day almost off 

                                                           Me Running in the Turkey Trot!

Month 6- This month I really began to feel the pressure settling in on the bladder.  At 6 months pregnant the baby really began to get to be pretty big.  I was showing extra this month too for sure!  Someone even asked me once if I was expecting a Christmas Baby!  I was like, "try Easter!"  I was totally not insulted though, I take pride in showing off my big belly rather than being only a few months pregnant when it just looks like I may have over eaten at my last meal.  As far as workouts went, I minimized my workouts to mainly on offs (usually with 14-16 on's for about a min) on the trails.  I also did a tempo run that I used to do when I was pregnant with Ramsey just to compare my fitness level and I did it a minute faster!  My mileage this month was mostly between 55-60 miles and all of them felt pretty good!  Check out a sample week:

Week of December 5th- December 11th

SUN- 75 mins with Liz (super fast local friend) Started at Concrete Pipe (trail head) and ran Lake Bon Tempe and Lake Lagunitas and then back. 7-7:15 pace. A few killer hills in the middle 10.5 miles total

MON- Ran 7 miles from the house.  Did a Creek loop and back.  Legs felt tired! 7:20-30 pace
 7 miles total

TUE- Ran from Skyline gate to Bay View head and back.  Did 14 x (1 min on and 1 min off) on the way back.  Felt pretty good! 56 mins total 8 miles total

WED- Ran 7 miles on treadmill while Ramsey napped next to me in the car seat.  Felt terrible! Had to pee like so many times!  7 miles total

THURS- Ran from the house again, creek loop plus added on to Phoenix lake trail head and back.  Felt awesome! 7 min pace for sure.  8 + miles total

FRID- Ran with David from BATC from Skyline to Bay View head and back.  Felt great!  Only peed like twice, pretty good, didn't want to make David stop!  8 miles total

SAT- Ran with Jeff and Ramsey (Jeff pushed him) and our Doggie (Carolina)  at Alpine Damn to a secret trial.  It was amazing!! We ran fast (6:45 pace) and it made me have to pee so many times!
8 miles total

Total Miles for the week: 57 miles

Ramsey and I after the Alpine Damn Run!